Asthma steroid types

Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are a series of different breathing tests led by a trained pulmonary function technologist, usually done at a hospital or clinic. There are global standards and guidelines that help make sure that everyone does and interprets pulmonary function tests in the same way. To learn about your lung health, your doctor may want you to have several pulmonary function tests done including spirometry , lung volumes , diffusing capacity , and airway resistance. Most of these breathing tests are done by blowing into a mouthpiece while sitting in a chair. Your doctor may also order a blood test called arterial blood gas as an additional test.

Before you have PFTs, you may get specific instructions on how to get ready for the tests, such as:

Asthma steroid types

asthma steroid types


asthma steroid typesasthma steroid typesasthma steroid typesasthma steroid typesasthma steroid types