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August 21's total solar eclipse will be the first total solar eclipse in 99 years to be seen across the entire country . While it’s exciting, looking directly at an eclipse can cause permanent eye damage or blindness, according to NASA .   To prepare for this, Kottke put together a guide on what to buy to enjoy the eclipse without going blind, including items like solar eclipse glasses, sunscreen, pinhole viewers, and binoculars (be sure to put solar filters in front of them when you’re using them). The guide is geared towards beginners who aren’t willing to spend tons of money for fancy equipment but who are enthusiastic about seeing the eclipse. The guide also recommends buying these items as soon as possible because prices increase as we get closer to August 21.

I initially contacted them because when I was filling out the form for a bank transfer, I was a little bit confused. The page with their information to use for a bank transfer, was not clear to me I guess because I'm from the states and shit is different in the UK. Idk. I kindly asked for the information I needed and they just kept beating around the bush. Wouldnt give me a straight answer. Oook. So they asked if I could do paypal or wu I agreedto WU because it seemed like the easiest option being as I dont have a paypal account and every single time Ive used someone elses paypal account for MY shit, they get fucked so I didnt want to do that. If im gonna get scammed, WU is fine. Idc whatever. Ive only heard good things about UKA so I wasnt really expecting to be dicked around like this. They proceed to ask for the total amount in my cart (why they couldnt look it up themselves from the jump instead of wasting both of our time is beyond me) before telling me its "too small" and If i can get it up to $60 they will send the shit and now my only option because paypal. When in the email before, WU was perfectly fine. I even asked for expedited shipping because i wasnt sure how that worked either.

Buy naps steroids uk

buy naps steroids uk


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