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In September 2013 Darren (with his girlfriend Sienna) moves out of the Pub and tries to take Charlie with him. However, Frankie and Jack protest Charlie moving out of the Pub because Charlie is only related to Nancy and not Darren. Sienna finds out Frankie cheated on Jack with Ziggy Roscoe, and blackmails Frankie into letting Charlie stay with Darren. Frankie agrees, and Charlie moves in with Darren. Soon afterwards, after being persuaded by Darren to change her statement about Nancy because Tom ran away (we later find out that he was kidnapped by Sienna), Nancy is given the flat by Darren and they move back into the pub.

While she inspects the women's restroom, Dennis and Mac transport some of the steaks into the office to contaminate them with chicken feathers and re-package them via vacuum sealer (their scam involves them returning the steaks for cash.) Charlie moves the delivery guy to the bar to pose as a patron and asks Dee to move the dumpster 6 inches. He shows the inspector the back alley and moves the delivery guy into Paddy's office. He then shows the inspector the bar, which she finds very clean. As she inspects, Mac and Dennis move all the chickens and re-packaged steaks back into the truck.

Charlie and dee take steroids

charlie and dee take steroids


charlie and dee take steroidscharlie and dee take steroidscharlie and dee take steroidscharlie and dee take steroidscharlie and dee take steroids