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Concurrently, “Special Agent Cooper” is back, dressed in black, and looking like a deeply tanned Johnny Cash . He’s some kind of criminal doing hit jobs for money, and he’s contracted to look into the murder in South Dakota (I think….the narrative is opaque as ever), but a double-cross almost blindsides him (cue a Jason Jennifer Leigh cameo). And in the Red Room there’s “normal” Special Agent Dale Cooper, seemingly trapped in this purgatory, unable to return to reality while his doppelganger wreaks destruction. He’s kept company by Mike the One Armed Man, his arm having evolved into some kind of freakish alien-esque tree, and Laura Palmer. “I’m dead… and yet, I’m alive,” she says in the now familiar backwards patois.

When they cured, I used a bench mounted disc sander to shape them into a blunt pyramid. I drilled a 3/16″ cavity 1″ deep into the blunt end to accept the tower legs. This cavity allows for an adjustment while fitting the trestle into the canyon. Cut the bottom of the tower legs about ½” inch shorter than needed to reach the ground. Next, slip the tower leg into the cavity of the pyramid footing. After checking the fit to the rock, use a file to fit the pyramid base to the rock. I repeated the process with each tower leg.

David laid steroids

david laid steroids


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