Elite crossfitters on steroids

If I just pissed you off well you probably needed it.  Don’t forget that, at its core, the CrossFit games are just a bunch of people working out in front of a crowd.  The true power and strength of CrossFit isn’t in Carson, California once a year, it happens at over six thousand gyms across the world every day.  The Games are an impressive and entertaining spectacle that lets us see who is really good at exercising. It is a showcase for the hard work and dedication of a handful of athletes that have dedicated themselves to achieving an admirable goal.  It is a marketing tool for Reebok and CrossFit.  It is a sporting event and in that the winner is the best at that sport, not the best at fitness.

Yes, I realise that girls only compete against girls and likewise for guys. However, when programming workouts, they should be geared to elicit a certain response (workouts should never be programmed just for the sake of it!). Something like Diane is designed to be short and very high intensity. Because of the weights used (102kg and 70kg for males and females respectively), females are going to find that strength may be a much more limiting factor than work capacity , and thus change the dynamics of the workout. Also consider that handstand push ups are going to be relatively more difficult for females (as explained earlier), slowing the workout down and further emphasising strength as a limiting factor .

Elite crossfitters on steroids

elite crossfitters on steroids


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