Frauen und steroide

Methandriol Dipropionate (.) is a form of the water-dissolved Methandriol but Methandriol Dipropionate remains effective for a longer period of time. On the one hand, Methandriol Dipropionate can be dissolved in oil for injection purposes and, on the other hand, Methandriol Dipropionate is produced in tablet form since it is also effective when taken orally . has a strong ana bolic and androgenic component so that it is suitable for the buildup of strength and muscle mass. The effect can be compared to a cross between Deca-Dura bolin and Tes tosterone enanthate. Like tes tosterone it con- tributes to a gain in both strength and muscle but does not retain more water than Deca-Dura bolin. The best results can be obtained, however, if . is not taken alone but in combination with an- other steroid. This is because . is able to magnify the effects of other steroid compounds. It does this by increasingly sensitizing the androgenic receptors of the muscle cell, allowing a higher amount of the steroid molecules of the additionally taken steroids to be absorbed by the receptors. This also explains why injectable . is only available today as a combination compound with an additional steroid substance. Injectable . is only available in the Australian veterinary steroids Drive, Spectriol, Geldabol, and Filibol Forte so that procurement of the compound is difficult. The few athletes using this d rug report good strength gains, a solid muscle gain, and low water retention. The combination steroids aromatize only slightly so, when taking only ., the use of antiestrogens is perhaps appropriate.

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Frauen und steroide

frauen und steroide


frauen und steroidefrauen und steroidefrauen und steroidefrauen und steroidefrauen und steroide