Lymphoma biopsy steroids

What if there are No Specialists or there are Financial Limitations?
Prednisolone monotherapy is a fancy term for giving prednisolone alone with no other chemotherapy agents. As chemotherapy goes, prednisolone is quite benign and many, if not most, dogs have been on it one time or another for itchy skin. Prednisolone kills lymphocytes including malignant lymphocytes. As with other protocols, remission is frequently obtained within the first month but the remission is likely to be short (one to two months) unless other medications are added in. Furthermore, the use of prednisolone makes the tumor resistant to other agents of chemotherapy so that it will be especially difficult to get a second remission after the first remission is lost.

Cutaneous B-cell lymphomas (CBCL) are a less common version of cutaneous lymphomas, making up about 20-25% of all cutaneous lymphomas.   CBCLs are B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas which originate in skin-based B-cells.  Systemic or nodal B-cell lymphomas can secondarily involve the skin and when a skin biopsy shows B-cell lymphoma it is very important to make sure that the skin is the only organ involved and that  this is not a systemic lymphoma presenting in the skin.  The most common forms of CBCL are slow growing or indolent variations and respond well to mild treatments.

Lymphoma biopsy steroids

lymphoma biopsy steroids


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