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The A's have a few other players they could make available at the trade deadline, such as Ryan Madson and Santiago Casilla , though their contracts may be an obstacle. They're signed through next year. I could see the A's trying to cash in on Andrew Triggs ' surprising success before the other shoe drops. Would they trade Sean Manaea ? I wouldn't rule it out, but it would surprise me. Gray is, far and away, Oakland's best trade chip at the moment. Others like Alonso, Doolittle, and Lowrie figure to generate some trade interest as well.

I really don’t know what else can be said about Mike Trout at this point. Dude is a five-time All Star and two-time MVP winner, all at the ripe young age of 25. The problem with Trout is that the team he plays for absolutely sucks, so you can say that he’s not necessarily making them better, but at the same time baseball is a pretty individual sport. He’s doing all he can, which is a lot by the way, so it’s not really his fault that the rest of his team is a pile of garbage. I hope one day he has a chance to play for a World Series title because it would be a damn shame if we never got to see that.

Case: Signed through 2017, Beltre is likely nearing the end of what looks to be a Hall of Fame career. Judging by his 2015 output, he still has plenty in the tank. Beltre slashed .287/.334/.453 last season with 18 homers and 83 RBIs for the Rangers and finished seventh in MVP voting. If he stays healthy, a reprise of those totals — or perhaps even better — could be in store this season. Even though Beltre has lost a step at third base, he’s still strong at the hot corner: He finished 2015 fourth in the league in Defensive WAR ().

Mlb players probably steroids

mlb players probably steroids


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