Molluscum steroid cream

This stuff is THE BEST. Learned of it from a physical therapist who had just had a baby and used it successfully for anal fissure. I use it as a face serum under my moisturizer/sunblock in dry weather. I also use it on cuticles and fingertips before bedtime. (I do a lot of outdoor work, and my nails take a beating.) I sent one bottle to my brother-in-law who is undergoing treatment for skin cancer on his face. I sent another to a daughter with sensitive skin that often breaks out in a rash. The list goes on and on. I dunno WHY it works, but it does.

In those children with allergy causing the eczema, they will usually get rashes or more extensive eczema soon after eating a particular food or drinking milk (in the case of babies). If you notice this, remove that food from your child's diet ( if you have a baby, this will need to be done under supervision with an appropriate other formula ). If there is a marked improvement on removal of the suspected food, then the food may have been the cause - cautious reintroduction of the food after 3-4 weeks will enable you to be sure. If on reintroduction of the food, the skin remains clear, the food can continue in the diet. If the skin flares up again, that food needs to be removed from the diet. In those toddlers who do have an allergy to a food causing eczema, a trial of reintroduction can be made in 6 - 12 months time as many children will grow out of these allergies.

Molluscum steroid cream

molluscum steroid cream


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