Muscle growth without steroids

Still, proper use should be dictated by one’s circumstances. Obviously, off-season bodybuilders attempting to maximize muscle growth shouldn’t load up on them 24/7. Rather, they should be used on an as needed basis, such as with moderate-large carb containing meals. On the other hand, pre-contest bodybuilders prioritizing fat loss will benefit from utilizing them more often. In conclusion, natural insulin sensitizers can be a valuable addition to one’s program, whereas pharmaceutical preparations like metformin just have too many negative side effects to justify their use in bodybuilders, especially with more suitable alternatives are available.  


Next week when i get back in the gym from my break i am going to be doing the BCAA/fasted-state protocol. I know stimulants like caffeine will be okay to take pre-workout. but what about amino acids such as tyrosine and ALCAR.

i'm noticed when i tried to take tyrosine in the ., but i feel as if i'm kicked out of the "Fasting state". so i now save it for the 8 hour window.

By taking in tyrosine and ALCAR pre-workout with the caffeine, then the BCAAs right before the workout. would that be pretty much altering the fasted state of the body?

I know it might not matter in the long-scheme of things, but i'm just curious lol. thanks

- Jon

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Muscle growth without steroids

muscle growth without steroids


muscle growth without steroidsmuscle growth without steroidsmuscle growth without steroidsmuscle growth without steroidsmuscle growth without steroids