Powerlifters not on steroids

Brother i am an asian guy with height And i am bigger than most of white and black people. I think the shape and muslcle structure is different, but we are in same that we have to put ourselves to work hard for that. I have started my work out since i was in elementary school and now im in mosy of the kids in here(state) are bigger than kids in our country(south korea), but that does not mean we don’t get enough strength or size growth than black or white. Its about culture and how u build your muscle. Our culture do not encourage kids to do workout, and we tends to focus more on academic fulfillment. I have some friends who dedicates their lives on work out, and we would consider them as a beast regardless of anyone’s eyes

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Powerlifters not on steroids

powerlifters not on steroids


powerlifters not on steroidspowerlifters not on steroidspowerlifters not on steroidspowerlifters not on steroidspowerlifters not on steroids