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After surgery, patients may feel tightness around their eyes. Lubricating ointment is used in the eyes immediately after surgery, and will be continued at night until the lids close completely as swelling diminishes. Ice bags to the protected skin (frozen peas over a dry cloth works well) and elevation of the head while sleeping will help keep swelling and bruising down.  Do not use moist compresses, as the incisions absorb water and swell more. For the first few weeks following blepharoplasty surgery, patients may experience increased tearing, sensitivity to light, and temporary changes in vision such as blurring. Patients will return to Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD. about one week after eyelid surgery to have upper eyelid sutures removed, and ten days or so for brow lift patients.  Lower eyelid sutures are dissolving and do not require removal.  If you note bleeding or vision change after eyelid surgery, contact us immediately at 763-545-0443.

These were created by the Indonesian Luohan Club (ILC), using a Golden Monkey (or Malau ) female and a Zhen Zhu male. The second generation was spawned from the Elvis selection and a Golden Monkey female. The strain is characterized by extensive pearling all over the body, face, and head. What distinguishes an IndoMalau's pearls from that of a Zhen Zhu or a King Kamfa is that they are extremely fine. As the fish ages, the pearls become more intricately woven and thinner. Flowerlines vary dramatically; some only have a few flower spots. Most ILC IndoMalaus will include some singular flowers on the back line or "top row." The front half of the fish, from the pectoral fins forwards, is red. The back half is a golden gradient intensifying in color towards the tail. The body is very wide and high, a throwback to the original Luohan . There is a very pronounced chin or "gobbler." The head is usually forward-protruding. The tail is fan-shaped, close to that of a Kamfa . The dorsal and anal fins lack trailers, a common trait found also in Zhen Zhu . The caudal peduncle is very large and pronounced in this strain [1]

Protruding forehead steroids

protruding forehead steroids


protruding forehead steroidsprotruding forehead steroidsprotruding forehead steroidsprotruding forehead steroidsprotruding forehead steroids