Rafa martin y los esteroides

It is notable that Dudek's heroics in the final were not enough for him to stay as first-choice keeper, as newly-signed Pepe Reina replaced him in from the start of the 2005–06 season. Benítez also quickly discarded unlikely heroes Vladimír Šmicer and Igor Bišćan , who played key roles in the European success but seemingly did not figure in Benítez's long-term plans. Benítez also quickly sold Josemi and Antonio Núñez , two of his first signings in English football, after they failed to establish themselves, with the likes of Peter Crouch , Mohamed Sissoko , Daniel Agger as well as former Liverpool player (and fan favourite) Robbie Fowler being brought in to strengthen the side. [ citation needed ]

Painter Kerstin Brätsch and sculptor Debo Eilers produce work together as KAYA, a name taken from the project’s muse and collaborator Kaya Serene, the daughter of a friend, who was thirteen when the three began working together in 2010. KAYA’s work exists at the intersection of painting, sculpture, and performance. The physical components often have potential for future activation: the “Processione” and “body-bag” forms on view in the Biennial evoke objects used in pageantry or ritual, and lockers taken from the shared bathroom at Brätsch and Eilers’s adjacent studios have been refashioned into a ceremonial stage. The artists think of KAYA as a third consciousness, something encompassing and yet also beyond their individual practices.

Rafa martin y los esteroides

rafa martin y los esteroides


rafa martin y los esteroidesrafa martin y los esteroidesrafa martin y los esteroidesrafa martin y los esteroidesrafa martin y los esteroides