Should athletes use anabolic steroids

Steroids can have long-lasting and sometimes irreversible side effects on the body. Anabolic steroids have been linked to increased cholesterol, stroke and blood clots, urinary and bowel problems, and problems with the musculoskeletal system. Since steroids are a hormone, much like testosterone, the effects on sex characteristics can be far reaching, causing a kind of hyper-masculinity in young men. They can also cause male-pattern baldness and shrinking of the testicles. The excess of testosterone can also have feminizing effects on young men, such as breast development. (Jerry Adler, 2004)

The . states clearly that athletes are to be like any other student. Yet the association involves the athlete in such a heavily commercialized, multibillion dollar endeavor, that it ends up restricting the athlete from any college benefit beyond a scholarship. No other person within a university community is so restricted. Amateurism provides no benefit to the athlete, neither enhancing his education nor making him a better person. The Olympics began taking amateurism out of its charter in the 1970s, yet the . holds onto it as a cherished ideal. Money is not the problem in college sports. The problem is that the athlete is restricted from making any.

It is not immoral for the . to make money off of athletics. But it is profoundly immoral for the . to restrict athletes from receiving compensation while everyone else profits. Athletes do not need to be paid by the university as employees. But barriers to athlete compensation outside of the university should be removed. There is a lot of area in between strict amateurism and “pay for play.” Athletes should be allowed to operate freely in that area, just like every other student.

Should athletes use anabolic steroids

should athletes use anabolic steroids


should athletes use anabolic steroidsshould athletes use anabolic steroidsshould athletes use anabolic steroidsshould athletes use anabolic steroidsshould athletes use anabolic steroids