Steroid cream alopecia areata

Hello Sarah!!
Thank you so very much for writing this to me. I am so grateful for your kind words. They are very encouraging to me and for many others who are going through alopecia and hair loss issues. Please know that you have not only really helped to give me some very much needed support, but your comment is also very inspiring to many others. I pray that your hair continues to grow and flourish and that you are blessed, just as you have blessed us here today. Please stay in touch and feel free to write to me anytime. I really need more people like you in my life. Stay sweet and have a great day! BUG HUGS!! xox

I'M TAKING CONTROL AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY ACTIONS. I am going to a slimming group and I am going to lose weight. I'm going to stop blaming everything on Ls and get on with my life the best way I can. Eating healthily and trying to exercise in some other way than walking, I have problems with my feet and am waiting for an op. If I have to use Clobetasol for the rest of my be it. Long may I live. I have actually started thinking that this disease has made me start taking more care of myself. I'm rethinking everything and I actually like putting cream on my body. It feels like a treat. After all we would pay for a massage.....

Steroid cream alopecia areata

steroid cream alopecia areata


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