Steroid use hall of fame

As time passes, more essays will pile up on the cases of the omitted, and the PED factor will fade further into footnote status. PEDs themselves might well become an accepted part of the game as future versions provide only benefits and little to no risk. It's likely that years down the line, we'll welcome those we have shunned. And we'll have to consider those marginalized -- we suspect -- because they chose not to use. The voting membership itself will continue to evolve. But baseball's Hall of Fame -- a museum, as well as a hall of fame -- will again serve its core function, which is to honor and commemorate the best performers in baseball history. All of baseball history.

"On a different level, it's like the argument of, 'Who is the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL?' A lot of guys will point to today's quarterbacks -- Tom Brady or whoever -- because they throw so many touchdowns or have so many passing yards. Well, hell, Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath played in a different era. I always cringe a little bit when people start to compare players from one era to players from a different era, because there's a really good chance the game is played a lot differently and you can't always use the same criteria.''

Steroid use hall of fame

steroid use hall of fame


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