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Other important sectors include the petrochemical sector, with three plants located in the suburbs of San Lorenzo and Port San Martin; the chemistry sector, with plants for sulphuric acid, fertilizers, resins and other products; the cellulose industry; the meat industry; ironworks; auto parts; the plants and equipment for bottled oil; agricultural machinery; and the materials and equipment for the construction industry. Worldwide international companies settled in Rosario include, among others, General Motors , Cargill , Unilever , John Deere , Petrobrás , ICI , Dow , Tenneco and Mahle .

The Bolivian Government and the Russian ambassador are negotiating the acquisition of the Antonov An-148 for official and civil uses. [23] Bolivia is interested in acquiring 8 planes, one as the presidential carrier and 7 to the state-owned airlines which are Boliviana de Aviación and Transporte Aéreo Militar . According to the negotiation, BoA would receive 4 planes and TAM 3 planes of this type. [24] However, the negotiation depends on the cooperative advances between the Bolivian and Russian governments as regards a credit for US$ 250 million. [25]

Suplementos venezuela winstrol

suplementos venezuela winstrol


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